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Aluminum Patio Umbrellas

Sitting out on your patio is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If the sun is too bright, though, you may find yourself looking for shade. Enter aluminum patio umbrellas -- they can be positioned in a variety of angles the give you just the right amount of shade at any time of day.

One of the big advantages of aluminum umbrellas over wooden patio umbrellas is their adjustability. When supported in umbrella stands aluminum umbrellas can be angled to block the sun morning, noon, and afternoon. That means you get more enjoyment and more use out of your patio.

Patio umbrellas are available in a wide variety of sizes suitable for any suiting arrangement. Smaller sizes are great for individual shading, while the larger umbrellas provide protection from the sun for groups of four to six people.

The most popular size of aluminum umbrellas is 9 feet in diameter. This size is perfect for using over a patio table. It can provide shade for everybody seated at the table.

Smaller sized umbrellas about six or 7 feet in diameter are useful for shading one or two people. Larger groups would want an umbrella which is about 11 feet in diameter.

Besides the tilting feature found on most aluminum umbrellas, cranks are also available to raise and lower the umbrella canvas. This makes it simple to put the umbrella up in the morning and take it down at the end of the day.

There's a wide variety of fabrics available for the canvas of the aluminum umbrella. You can get just about any design or color to match the unique décor of your patio. Look for good-quality materials such as acrylic or polyester. They are lightweight and long-lasting -- the only maintenance they need is rinsing them with soapy water from time to time.

Aluminum umbrellas are suitable as patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas, and beach umbrellas. It would be difficult to take wood patio umbrellas with you to the beach because of their weight, but there's no problem sticking an aluminum patio umbrella in the trunk of your car for a day of surf and sun!

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