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Sliding Patio Doors - Extending your Patio and Garden

Extend your living room into your garden. Good patio doors will do just that, they will give you the feeling that you are actually closer to your garden. If it's still early spring or late autumn you will still have the great feeling that outdoor patio living can give you. And you as a Patio Lover will do most anything to extend the Patio season.

Early Spring in you open Patio Door

And picture early spring, with a patio door. You will be able to enjoy the first rays of sun after those long grey or cold months. Open the door just a little smell and feel that it is true. Spring has arrived.

When you start to think about patio doors you have the choice between swinging and sliding versions. The latter has the great advantage that is saves a lot of space. Sliding doors don't need room to "swing". The installation of patio doors is not particularly difficult, but you do it your self skill have to be in the "advanced class" to get the whole process done without major headaches.

Sliding Doors often have one door that is fixed and one that slides. Usually they have aluminum frames, but you will also find vinyl, steel or even wood. Aluminum is the least expensive option.

The sliding doors themselves usually come in:

  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Wood Clad Doors
  • Aluminum

Vinyl Low Maintenance, Energy Friendly

Vinyl Sliding Patio doors are energy friendly and the material doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Their energy friendliness improves even further when you install double glass and weather stripping.

Aluminum is the least expensive option. Aluminum doesn't rust and is easy to maintain.

Wooden Doors Warn and Cozy looking

Wood doors are in my opinion the most beautiful but they also are the most expensive option.

Wood Clad Sliding Patio doors are wooden doors and frames with a vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum coating on the outside The coating is in fact an armor that protects the wood from the elements. This means less maintenance while you can still enjoy the natural look of wood from the inside.

Yes, a patio door is a great addition to your house, it will increase the value of your house and add to your comfort.

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