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Aluminum Patio Umbrellas

The great thing about aluminum patio and garden furniture and umbrellas is that they are lightweight and

 maintenance free. Aluminum is sturdy and long-lasting. So what can we say about aluminum patio umbrellas. Right very convenient!

Of course there is the issue if they fit on your patio. You probably won’t use them wrought iron, or all wood patio’s but for the rest they are very suitable. And even in the former cases a lot depends on your own taste. There is no right or wrong.

In the case of an aluminum umbrella the lightweight can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Of course these umbrellas are easy to set up, but on the other hand their weight (or lack of it) can be a disadvantage in windy areas. One thing is for sure, these umbrellas call for a fairly heavy umbrella stand.

You might want to think about an aluminum offset umbrella here. Offset Umbrellas don’t have a center pole, tilt and some are even capable of 360 degrees rotation. That makes them very effective in protecting you from the sun. And still they have elegance.

And lets face it what is it that we want from a good umbrella? We want elegance and protection from the elements, so we can enjoy whatever we do outside in our garden, patio or deck. We crave that warm sunny and relaxed feeling a summer day in the garden can give us.

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