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Bistro Patio Furniture – Old-World Elegance

Bistro furniture fits in just about anywhere. Its small size is perfect for an intimate coffee corner anywhere in the house – especially on the patio. It gives a comfy feeling that fits right in with patio time. In short, bistro patio furniture is perfect for outdoor use.

There’s a great selection of bistro patio furniture available these days. You can get it in aluminum, steel, or wicker. There are modern designs as well as the traditional folding bistro furniture.

The French folding chairs are the original bistro style. Developed over a century ago, this enduring design is both functional and attractive. For bistro patio furniture nothing can surpass this classic look.

These bistro chairs are available in both aluminum and traditional steel. They can even be found with comfortable wood seats and backs supported by sturdy metal frames. Whichever you choose, they make great bistro patio furniture.

Bistro style tables are also available in folding designs. Perfect for the patio where space is often at a premium. It’s no wonder that bistro patio furniture is such a popular item.

The tables are usually made of metal, and sometimes come with optional tempered glass tops. This classic European design has a casual look that fits in perfectly with outdoor life. Bistro patio furniture is probably the most functional style of patio furniture you can buy.

Many manufacturers these days offer bistro patio furniture in a combination of wicker and metal construction. Aluminum or steel is used for the chair frames and tables while the seating and backs are made of wicker. It’s a classic combination that gives you both comfort and stylish good looks.

Another popular material is cast aluminum or cast iron. This traditional style fits in with virtually any setting. Plus, the durability of cast iron or aluminum makes it a perfect choice for bistro patio furniture.

You can purchase sets of bistro patio furniture in the traditional 3 piece setting – a table and two chairs – or 5 piece sets which feature a table and 4 chairs. The five piece sets usually include a larger table than the 3 piece sets.

Care of your bistro patio furniture depends on the type of material used in construction. Aluminum is relatively carefree requiring only a coat of wax once or twice a year to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Steel furniture needs to be touched up whenever it is scratched or chipped or rusting may become a problem. Wicker furniture should not be left out in the rain, so this is an important consideration when buying bistro patio furniture.

No matter what your patio layout, there’s a set of bistro patio furniture that will fit in perfectly. This classic design is always stylish and will never go out of fashion.

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