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Suncoast Patio Furniture Ė Quality and Comfort

In the patio furniture business, some of the most successful lines are from family owned operations. Suncoast patio furniture is no exception. This manufacturer has been in business since 1982 and has since built a reputation for solid well-designed outdoor furniture.

Suncoast patio furniture began its life when the Varshney brothers took over a small furniture plant in Fort Myers, Florida. Within 6 years they had built the business up and had moved to a bigger facility and new construction techniques were instituted that guaranteed high quality in all phases of their furniture production.

Suncoast patio furniture continues to put out award winning designs that are big hits with the public. Specializing in aluminum furniture, their line includes sling, cushion, and strap furniture as well as tables and accessories.

Their current sling line is made up of 15 elegant, attractive models. Everything from ultramodern to traditional designs are available from Suncoast patio furniture. Thereís something to suit every taste.

Their cushion line features thick comfortable cushions that are a dream to sit on. Nothing can beat the comfort and styling of these exclusive designs from Suncoast patio furniture. This is definitely the height of luxury.

The strap furniture from Suncoast comes in both checkerboard strapping and simple parallel strapping. Both styles are sturdy and comfortable for every situation. This patio furniture is ideal for any setting.

Suncoast patio furniture has a fine selection of tables. Many of their dining tables feature a knock-down design that is easy to store. Dining tables come with either tempered glass or cast aluminum tops, and are available with matching side tables.

They have a line of umbrellas and umbrella stands that perfectly complement their furniture line. The attention to detail is evident in every product from Suncoast patio furniture.

Suncoast patio furniture features aluminum frame construction for the ultimate in durability and convenience. Aluminumís lightweight means that this furniture is easy to move around and a snap to store. All the furniture has been finished with a powder coating to ensure maximum protection against corrosion and wear.

The finish on Suncoast patio furniture is powder coating offering the ultimate in corrosion resistance and protection against scratches. This is furniture that is going to last years.

For eye-catching quality furniture, itís hard to beat Suncoast patio furniture. As soon as you see this beautiful furniture, you will be sold!

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