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Winston Patio Furniture is a Large American Furniture Manufacture

There are a large number of patio furniture manufactures on the market today. Some are new upstart companies, and others like Winston patio furniture have been around longer. Winston patio furniture is a outdoor patio furniture manufacture that has been in business since 1975.

When Winston Patio Furniture began manufacturing outdoor furniture in 1975 they began with a simple style of furniture, which was simply aluminum patio furniture. The furniture was a very basic style with aluminum tubing making up the frame and vinyl straps comprising the seat.

Winston patio or deck furniture has grown with the times and with what the consumers were demanding. Consumer tastes have changed since 1975 and therefore Winston patio furniture changed their designs as well. In the early eighties Winston began introducing more fabric selections and cushioned patio furniture sets.

The demand for comfortable patio furniture sets is high, because people like to enjoy their yard in comfort. However, there is also the problem with keeping these cushioned sets clean and dry as well as safe from the elements. So Winston patio furniture came out with yet another style of furniture. They began manufacturing sling style chairs. Which is basically a special fabric pulled taut and attached to the frame. The result is a beautiful, sleek and comfortable chair.

Winston patio furniture is available in many different styles such as traditional dining chairs, chaise lounges, bar style chairs and many others. Winston also manufactures a line of teak furniture as well. While this is not a large line, they are beautiful chairs and something for everyone. Winston produces a large variety of table tops for all different needs and individual styles.

Winston patio furniture can be found at retailers all across North America as well as online. You can also find cheap patio furniture online at special online discount relaters that offer Winston furniture as well.

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