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Brittany Patio Furniture – Old-World Charm with Modern Convenience

For attractive, practical patio use, Brittany patio furniture is one of the top brands available. You can be sure that Brittany patio furniture will give you years of reliable, carefree service while providing comfort and beauty all in one package.

Brittany manufactures a wide range of patio furniture. Whether you are in the market for traditional or modern styles, Brittany is sure to have what you need.

One of their top sellers is the ten-piece patio set. The set is made up of a spacious table that can easily seat six, 4 stationary chairs, two rockers, a side table, an umbrella stand and a trash can. As you can see, Brittany has included almost all the patio furniture you could need in this one set.

As always with Brittany patio furniture, this set features quality, long-lasting construction. This set is manufactured in lightweight durable aluminum to ensure that you get long years of use out of your purchase. The tabletop is in classic cast aluminum and the rest of the set is constructed with aluminum framing. The finish is a hand-applied antique patina. A classic look with the minimum of care!

The chairs feature extra wide seating to provide the utmost in comfort. You can be sure that Brittany patio furniture pays attention to detail to guarantee the best quality available. The chairs come with durable olefin cushions that will remain comfortable for years.

The cushions of this Brittany patio furniture set are specially manufactured to resist fading. They will remain colorful for years to come while providing easy clean-up with soapy water. They are mildew resistant and have a special characteristic of wicking perspiration away from the skin – perfect for those hot summer days!

With a minimum amount of care, your Brittany patio furniture will last for years. It should be given a coat of wax at the beginning of the season to protect the finish against chips and scratches. The wax will also prevent ultraviolet rays from discoloring the finish. During the winter, it should be covered up or brought indoors.

For comfort, reliability, and classic good looks, you can’t go wrong with Brittany patio furniture.

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