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Brown Jordan Patio Furniture – A Patio Classic

Brown Jordan is one of the powerhouses of the patio furniture industry. Established in 1945, Brown Jordan makes a huge variety of furniture both for the retail and commercial markets. They have several lines of patio furniture, all with the trademark style and quality that makes Brown Jordan patio furniture so sought after.

Their Tradewinds label features the best in wrought iron patio furniture. The construction details of this line is superb, and just what you would expect from Brown Jordan patio furniture. The welds have been carefully smoothed for both attractiveness and structural integrity.

Tradewinds come in a variety of finishes to suit any taste.

The frames come in four styles -

  • Antique Silver,
  • Armamda Bronze,
  • Maritime Green and
  • Midnight Black.

All Tradewinds chairs and divans come with comfortable cushions that are made of durable fabrics for years of use. The classic styling and functionality of wrought iron make this one of the most popular of the Brown Jordan patio furniture lines.

The Molla label is a line of cast aluminum patio furniture.

The lightweight of aluminum is combined with the classic looks of cast iron for the best of both modern and tradition. Molla also comes with comfortable cushions that add both comfort and style to this line of Brown Jordan patio furniture.

Thanks to Molla’s lightweight construction, you can endlessly arrange your furniture to suit any occasion. Maintenance free aluminum means that you can safely use your Molla furniture year-round without worrying about rusting or erosion. Is it any wonder that Molla enjoys a high position in the Brown Jordan patio furniture line?

Winston is another of Brown Jordan’s popular patio labels. Winston features modern design and carefree comfort. Winston was one of the first companies to incorporate the sling design patio chair. Sling furniture extremely comfortable and easy to care for, and its popularity is due to Winston’s eye-catching and innovative designs.

Brown Jordan also has a line of wicker furniture under the Vineyard label. This high-quality, classic line comes in a variety of styles to suit just about any décor. Attractive cushions are available for this line, though they are not always needed due to the natural comfort of wicker furniture.

Brown Jordan produces furniture for the hospitality trade, so you know that this its going to be durable. Of course, like any patio furniture, it need to be properly cared for, but a little bit of regular maintenance will ensure that you enjoy your Brown Jordan gear for years to come.

Brown Jordan produces their own brand of care products to make it easy to maintain your patio furniture in top shape. In addition, they manufacture a stunning assortment of accessories to make your patio stand out from the crowd.

Cast stone planters, garden light and birdbaths are just some of the items that receive the Brown Jordan touch.

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