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Designer Garden Furniture

Oh the glory of a garden in full bloom! What better way to relax from the rush of life than soaking up the sunshine amid vibrant and aromatic blooms? Many people find this type of relaxation to be just the thing to do, and purchase designer garden furniture to ensure a comfortable escape.

Designer garden furniture may be made of wicker. A club armchair or a dining armchair of wicker lends regality to a garden setting. Alongside, a wicker sofa for two may set the tone for a romantic chat. Tables and side tables of wicker bring convenience into the picture. Many wicker groupings have an aluminum tube center that is surrounded by wicker. This tubing gives sturdy support to the wicker structure. Wicker holds up well in outdoor weather and may be hosed down when it’s time for cleaning.

Cedar wood can create a beautiful and aromatic designer garden furniture set. This unique hardwood is grown and harvested in Indonesia, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. You may purchase gliders, swings, rockers and picnic tables created from this precious wood.

Redwood outdoor designer garden furniture is stronger and heavier than other wooden furniture sets. Redwood is sometimes referred to as the “forever” wood because of its durability. Your outdoor furniture may last for more than twenty years without decay!

Teak is a dense wood that is often used in outdoor furniture. The dense grain of this wood use well liked because it does not splinter and split. A new designer garden set may look golden, but will turn a silvery gray with time unless a type of natural oil is rubbed into the wood yearly. Many people prefer the handsome weathered look to the new golden look. Another great asset – teak is resistant to salt water. In fact, many ships have teak decks. If you live near the ocean, this is an important aspect to consider.

Of all the beautiful possibilities for creating designer garden furniture, you’ll need to seriously consider the material that is right for your setting. How important is durability? How important is lightweight portability? Take the time to check out your options before investing in outdoor furniture. You’ll be glad you did.

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