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Garden and Patio Umbrellas

On a bright spring day, the warmth of the sun on your shoulders is a comforting salve. During the sweltering days

of midsummer, the sun seems to blister the skin exposed to its greedy rays. With a garden umbrella, you can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors without the discomforts of unwelcome sunbeams.

One garden umbrella may range from seven to nine feet in height. Open it can shade an area of nine feet in diameter. Under its great expanse, you will find enough shade for four people. Youíll be able to sit and relax with a glass of cool, fresh lemonade and visit with your friends under the shade of one umbrella.

Garden umbrellas donít necessarily have to grace a garden. You may want to install one on your patio, near your pool, in a quiet spot on the terrace, or even your backyard deck. Wherever you install a garden umbrella, youíll find the protection it provides worthy of the investment.

Garden umbrellas come with a grand array of options. You may choose an oriental style that claims bamboo for its support. Bright colors with vibrantly splashed designs are as available as quiet cool colors. Whatever your taste may be, thereís a garden umbrella on the market to match.

Garden umbrellas may be purchased as part of a table ensemble or individually. The canopy of a garden umbrella a grace to a patio setting. The fact that it is can be removed is advantageous. During sever thunderstorms it is wise to remove it from its socket to store in a safe place until the storm has passed.

In a world that is extremely health conscious, many people are looking for creative ways to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without exposing themselves to health risks. The sun that we love and enjoy so can cause devastating or fatal damage when its Ultra Violet rays strike our skin. An attractive garden umbrella may be the protection that save the life of a beloved family member, while lending grace to your outdoor setting.

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