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Wicker Porch Swings



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Wicker Porch Swings

For many generations, porches have been considered a resting place.

The wicker porch swing has held its place at one end of the porch, and managed to survive many countless hours of swinging back and forth – whether at the will of its lodger, or occasionally at the mercy of the wind. Sometimes its occupants have sought solace as they gently rocked to and fro. Other times, it was the place of many long chats and gossip sessions.

The versatility of the wicker porch swing has been responsible for its longevity. The plain simplicity of bare wicker carries a homey appeal. Add some white paint and fancy cushions, and voila, the once plain wicker swing has put on sophistication and modern attire.

With a little imagination, wicker can match nearly any décor.

Wicker is durable and easily cared for. It can withstand the water of rainstorms with no problem at all. In fact, many people clean their wicker swings by hosing them down several times each year. Low maintenance furniture has an appeal of its own.

Romance is seldom mentioned as a quality in furniture, but a wicker swing does carry a certain romantic air. I’ve often wondered how many sunsets it has shared with its occupants. How many secret words of endearment has it witnesses on moonlight evenings? How many lovers’ secrets that will never be spoken, reside in the weave of a wicker swing? We’ll never know, but its fun to imagine.

Who can resist the urge to sit and rock gentle with the wind in the presence of a wicker swing? I cannot! Ah the soothing motion of swinging gently to and fro, the warmth of the sunbeams on aching shoulders, the feel of the cool breeze as it plays with loose hair, and the smell of the season wafting all around – who can resist?

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