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Outdoor Furniture Cover

When spring breezes tug at our jackets, and the lengthening days pull us outdoors, we rush to pull the outdoor furniture covers from their places and hope for a warm day. With gusto we carefully fold and store the covers for the summer. Ah, the pleasure of sinking into a lounge chair to soak up the healing rays of sunshine.

Hopefully, our outdoor furniture cover did its job, and did it well! Not all outdoor furniture covers are created equal. There is a long list of the things you might want to look at when purchasing a protector for your favorite patio furniture.

Most outdoor furniture covers are water resistant (of course that is the most obvious of all reasons to cover the furniture), but one small tear in the cover can let in the water that it was designed to keep out. Tear resistant material will prevent an unpleasant surprise when spring arrives.

How weather resistant is it? Depending on your location, you may need to check to see how well the furniture cover will withstand the outdoor temperatures in your area. Some fabrics are guaranteed to hold up under –22 degree F weather.

Outdoor furniture covers sport many closure systems ranging from elastic to ties. Be careful that the closures are sturdy and secure so that winds don’t loosen them during the winter.

Outdoor furniture covers are made to keep our favorite outdoor furniture clean and dry – to protect it from icy rains, freezing snow, and fierce winds. It can also be used to protect it from the UV rays of the summer sun, thus extending the life of your patio furniture.

As with everything else in today’s society, outdoor furniture covers can be used to make a “patio fashion statement” or add a personal touch to the look of the unused furniture. For those who are appearance conscious, there are reversible furniture covers on the market so that your furniture doesn’t sport the same “clothing” two seasons in a row.

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