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Outdoor Furniture Cushions

When we think of leisure in the outdoors, we often picture a lushly cushioned chair, cool drinks, and bright sunshine. Outdoor furniture cushions play an important part in the amount of comfort we receive as we're kicking back to relax and enjoy the summer's balmy weather.

What are some qualities that one should look for in outdoor furniture cushions? The amount of cushion is indicative of the level of luxury the user feels when sinking down for a stolen nap in the late afternoon. Of course, thicker and plusher cushions will come with a bigger price tag than their less luxurious counterparts, but may well be worth the additional cost.

The rays of the beautiful summer sunshine can be quite detrimental to the longevity of outdoor furniture in general, but especially the cushion fabric. It's ultra violet rays will fade beautiful colors and patterns into a dull well-worn tone. The wary user can prevent the sunlight's destruction by buying cushions that have been coated with a sunlight protect ant, or purchasing furniture covers.

Often, outdoor patio furniture is part of a larger decor scheme. The color and style of cushions may play a large role in the purchase of cushions. There is a great variety on today's market that is sure to fit right into your decorating needs.

Outdoor furniture cushions require good care for an extended life. Suntan lotions and sunscreens contain chemicals that can leave permanent unsightly rings on the cushions. Mildew can attack fabric that is damp. In order to maintain healthy looking cushions you will need to use a nonbleach mildew spray two to three times each summer.

Choose your outdoor furniture cushions carefully, take good care of it, then sit back and enjoy a summer of luxurious comfort you have earned it!

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