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Outdoor Teak Tables and Chairs

It’s always nice to sit outside and relax-- maybe even eat a meal on your patio or in your garden. That’s why patio and garden furniture is one of the biggest consumer items today. There is a huge selection of outdoor furniture available but it falls and into two basic categories – aluminum or wood. One of the best types of wood furniture is outdoor teak tables and chairs.

Teak has special qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. The oils that are found in teakwood preserve it against rot and insect damage. It has waterproof qualities that protect it from the moisture that all outdoor furniture is exposed to.

If those weren’t enough reasons to use teak wood furniture for your outdoor patio or garden, it is also one of the most attractive materials for outdoor tables and chairs. Nothing could be more elegant than a set of teak wood furniture for your patio or terrace.

Because of its popularity, there is a large selection of teak tables and chairs for outdoor use. Everything from traditional to modern designs are available so you are sure to find a set of teak furniture that exactly matches your outdoor décor.

Benches are very popular for outdoor use, and of course they are available in teak. Benches can be used with tables for outdoor eating, or they can be set alongside a wall to provide extra seeking.

Another popular piece of outdoor teak furniture is the lounge chair. They are so relaxing you can find yourself dozing off on a lazy summer afternoon, and they are great for informal get-togethers with one or two friends.

One of the reasons that teak tables and chairs are so popular is that they require relatively little maintenance. But don’t forget that teak is a natural material and require some care to get the maximum use out of it. Once or twice a year you should oil it with teakwood oil. This keeps the furniture are looking great and provides extra protection especially if the tables and chairs are exposed to a lot of sunshine.

Teak tables and chairs are a little bit more expensive than other outdoor furniture, but with a little bit of care you can expect your teak furniture set to last much longer than other types of furniture.

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