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Pew Patio Furniture Minnesota

Minnesota, a cool state with flat lands and many lakes may not seem to the outsider to be a land of relaxation and the outdoor patio scene. Yet, Minnesotans, like people everywhere, like to take advantage of the outdoors on a nice day. Somehow pew patio furniture Minnesota seems appropriate for the setting.

Straight backed, wooden and plain, pew furniture looks like, well church pews. Of course, Minnesota folks paint them up and put flowers around them, giving them a less austere look. I can imagine wicker benches holding the secret whisperings of lovers in their weave, buy I wonder if pew furniture can boast of such knowledge. Would sitting on pew furniture tend to keep young lovers in check?

Minnesota doesnt lay full claim to pew patio furniture. It is often found in the southern states. It has a plantation look that brings back memories of pre-civil war times - days when huge cotton plantations prospered across southern America. Pew benches can be observed in their dignified vigil among large front porches supported by tall white pillars.

What allure does a hard wooden pew bench hold in the presence of a chaise lounge or wicker swing? They represent a different kind of rest than the laze of kicking back and propping ones feet up, or the quiet solitude of rocking mindlessly to and fro with the wind in your face. Their solid construction is a great place to sit and contemplate life. Isnt there a sense of rest and peace in coming to grips with the problems that you will be facing tomorrow? Rather than escaping life, this furniture is a great place to prepare to face it!

If I were to choose a setting for pew furniture, I believe Id forget about a patio and choose one of the ponds of Minnesota for my locale. Id want it close enough to the water to toss pebbles onto its surface and watch the rings expand. Id want to be able to see my reflection in the water to facilitate talking to myself. Id want to be able to watch the waterfowl on the lake, to be startled by the cry of a loon. Id ..Im tempted to pack up and head for Minnesota!

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