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Barbeque Smoker Pits

If you’re serious about outdoor cooking, a barbeque smoke pit is worth checking out. Barbeque smoker pits are usually large size cookers that can handle large joints of meat, but there are also several smaller size smoker pits available. No matter whether big or small, smoker pits offer the best in backyard slow cooking.

Why are Smokers so Large

One of the reasons smoker pits are so large is to hold the wood necessary for a long slow burn. They are usually heated with large logs that can burn for hours without needing replacement. Logs are difficult to set on fire, so some smoker pits come with propane burners to set the log on fire.

If you are having a large get-together, a smoker pit is ideal for a cook-out. It allows you to do the cooking for a big crowd with the minimum of supervision, and is suitable for cooking a variety of food from meat to fish to vegetables. Many large smoker pits are designed for portability – you can hitch them to the back of your car and take them anywhere!

If you want a permanent BBQ smoker pit installed in your backyard, you can buy a commercial model or you can build one yourself. You can save a lot of money if you build your own backyard smoker pit. It’s the perfect project for a home handyman or woman.

Smokers Cook Slowly but Surely

Smoker pits cook the food slowly at a relatively low temperature – about 250 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to 400 - 500 degrees for a charcoal or gas barbecue. This low temperature means that the food can take several hours to cook. If you have a large joint of meat, it can take 8 or 10 hours to cook!

That slow cooking, though, is what makes food cooked in a smoker pit so special. The smoke flavor is absorbed into the meat or fish giving it an unforgettable taste that can’t be matched by other cooking methods. It’s no wonder that BBQ smoker pits are so popular!

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