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Barbeque Smokers

Traditional barbeque smokers are great for cooking large joints of meat that

 would otherwise require specialty ovens and cooking equipment. If you are planning a large get together, you are sure to satisfy everybody’s taste buds with the food prepared on a barbeque smoker.

BBQ smokers come in variety of sizes. The smaller smokers are suitable for backyard use and are just a bit bigger than a regular gas or charcoal BBQ. Large smokers can be installed on a trailer base so that they can be transported just about everywhere.

There are also smoker add-ons for regular barbeques. These are used to add smoked flavor to small pieces of meat, fish or vegetables and not suitable for true smoker cooking.

A BBQ smoker pit cooks food slowly at a low temperature. While gas or charcoal barbecues sear the food by cooking it over hot coals, smokers rely on steady, long-lasting heat and smoke to cook the food over a long time. Many smokers use steam to bind the smoke which coats the food with a delicious smoked flavor that can’t be matched.

Backyard smokers are gaining in popularity as people discover the great taste of food cooked in a barbeque pit. They are perfect for large gatherings and events which last several hours. The smoker often becomes the center of attention as everyone anticipates the wonderful meal to come.

The cooking time that a smoker requires can be a plus or a minus depending on your priorities. Many people don’t want to wait for hours for their food to cook. For these people, a regular gas or charcoal barbeque is ideal – it cooks the food quickly and with plenty of flavor. Others prefer the unique taste of food cooked on smokers and see the time required for the food to cook as party time – just part of the fun.

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