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Coleman 5300 Gas Grill



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Coleman 5300 Gas Grill

The Coleman 5300 is a medium-size grill which offers close to 600 square inches of cooking area. There are four burners which give you a good choice of cooking areas, allowing you to prepare several different dishes at the same time. In addition there is a side burner which can be used for preparing sauces or warming food.

The four main burners give off a total of 55,000 BTUs. The side burner is rated at 12,000 BTUs so in total, you have plenty of cooking power for preparing all kinds of meals.

All the burners are made from cast iron and coated with a porcelain finish for a maximum durability and long life. The cooking grates are also coated with porcelain, making them easy to clean and maintain in good condition.

The Coleman 5300 gas grill is an attractive barbecue constructed of stainless steel. Its sleek modern design will not be out of place in any environment. For convenience, there are two side tables and storage space under the main burner area. The propane tank is stored in the storage space, but there is also room for keeping utensils and accessories for barbecue.

Igniting the Coleman 5300 gas grill is a simple matter of pushing a button -- the electronic ignition is dependable and easy to use. The safety cut off valve and easy accessibility to the propane tank makes this barbecue easy and safe to operate. Burner can be adjusted with its own control for precise heating requirements.

Coleman is best known for their line of camping equipment. Coleman stoves are synonymous with dependable all weather cooking, and they have used their expertise in this area to develop a line of gas barbecues. All Coleman barbecues draw on the expertise developed from years of manufacturing experience, making them some of the most dependable gas barbecues on the market today.

All Coleman grills come with a limited lifetime guarantee, and with a little bit of regular maintenance, these grills will give you years of service. The Coleman 5300 gas grill is one of the best values of all the Coleman grills.

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