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Coleman 7700 Gas Grill



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Coleman 7700 Gas Grill

If you do a lot of entertaining on your patio, you are sure to need an efficient gas grill. When cooking for a large crowd, nothing beats the capacity of the Coleman 7700 gas grill. It has everything you need for cooking a complete meal -- four cast brass burners and a rotisserie kit featuring 570 square inches of cooking area.

The Coleman 7700 gas grill has a side burner for preparing sauces or warming food. It can even be used as a steamer or fryer giving you plenty of options for meal preparation.

The stainless steel construction is attractive and functional. It is erosion resistant allowing you the leave the Coleman gas grill permanently installed on your patio or terrace. There is plenty of storage space in this grill -- there are drawers and four separate storage compartments for holding all the accessories needed when cooking for a large crowd.

There are plenty of cooking options on the Coleman 7700 gas grill. The dual lid gives you the choice of having two separate cooking areas. If you are cooking large joints of meat, the entire cooking area can be used.

This is a monster!!!
The main cooking area has four burners with a total of 50,000 BTUs. In addition to that, the rear mounted rotisserie burner gives you 10,000 BTUs. Coupled with the side burner, the Coleman 7700 gas grill has all the heating capacity you need for a large meal.

This is a propane gas grill which uses a standard 20 pound propane tank which is stored within the grill itself. The entire unit is on wheels for easy mobility, allowing you to move the grill to any convenient location.

This is an attractive gas barbecue that will be at home in any décor. Its sleek modern design is suitable for the most elegant of patios or terraces. Thanks to the versatile cooking options that the Coleman 7700 gas grill gives you, it's a good choice for anyone who likes to entertain outdoors.

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