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Coleman Gas Grills

The Coleman Company has been in business for more than 100 years. Although know primarily as a camping equipment manufacturer, they also have a line of home cooking utensils including several models of gas barbeques. Coleman gas grills are known for their quality and dependableness, features that are found on all Coleman products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Grills

There are several sizes of Coleman gas grill to choose from. Although their camping grills can easily be used at home, their small sizes are usually better suited for portability than permanent installation. One exception might be the RoadTrip series. Although they are designed for portability, they still have ample cooking space and power for home barbeques. The RoadTrip Grill has a 285 square inch cooking area with 20,000 BTUs and can be used with either a 1 pound propane cylinder or a 20 pound propane tank.Herbs

The Roadtrip Grill

The RoadTrip Grill has 2 burners and uses the unique “mix and match” cooking surfaces for preparing almost any type of food. The lids can be removed for placing large pots on the burners, and the open flame features a drip-through grilling. For easy starting it has a push-button ignition system. The RoadTrip Grill can be used on either a table-top or its own stand.

If you want more cooking area and prefer a non-portable style of grill the Coleman 6000 grill is a good choice. It has 70,000 BTUs divided between the six main burners and the side burner. All the burners are made from cast brass – an excellent material for longevity and reliability.

The Coleman 6000 grill comes with a rotisserie motor and has 3 stainless steel cooking grids. The lid is specially designed to distribute heat evenly over the entire cooking area, allowing for precise control of the cooking temperature. Constructed of stainless steel, the Coleman 6000 has electronic ignition, built-in thermometer, can use either propane or natural gas as its fuel source.

For deluxe, professional grilling, you can’t beat the Coleman 7700 gas grill. It features 570 square inches of primary cooking space with a total of 50,000 BTUs. There is a warming rack as well as a steamer and fryer, and to round out your cooking options there is a 10,000 BTU rotisserie at the back of the grill.

The Coleman 7700 has 15 inch side tables and the stainless steel construction is easy to clean and corrosion resistant. This superb grill comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


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