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Fire Magic Gas Grills

Fire Magic gas grills are known for their superior quality construction and attention to detail. Their solid body construction increases structural strength which in turn makes for a longer-lasting grill. In addition, it provides a sleek, modern appearance that fits well on any patio or deck.

Fire Magic grills have several features that are usually only seen on professional barbeques. Reflective control panels, stainless steel interior, push-button electronic ignition and double wall stainless steel hoods are standard on all models of Fire Magic gas grills.

The Elite 50 is the biggest grill available from Fire Magic. It has 1056 square inches of cooking area and has a total of 8 gas burners which give off a total 105,000 BTU’s. This model also comes with 2 backburners for the rotisserie which add an additional 18,000 BTU’s to the barbeque.

The Elite 50 comes standard with a heavy duty rotisserie, stainless steel warming rack and either stainless steel or porcelain-coated cooking grills. It can operate on either propane or natural gas.

The Monarch gas grill from Fire Magic is the second largest of their line. It features 792 square inches of cooking surface which is adequate for large families or neighborhood get-togethers. There are 6 stainless steel burners for a total of 95,000 BTU’s and a 28,000 BTU rotisserie burner. It comes with a built-in rotisserie and a stainless steel warming rack. Like the Elite, the Monarch can use either propane or natural gas.
The Regal series are perfect for smaller families and are the biggest sellers of all Fire Magic gas grills. They have 6 stainless steel burners for a total of 82,000 BTU’s with an additional 22,000 BTU’s supplied by the rotisserie back grill. The six main burners are controlled with 3 dial flame controls and the rotisserie has a fully-independent burner.

The Regal has two side tables and adequate storage space under the grill. There are many useful accessories available for it and for all models of Fire Magic gas grills.

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