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LSU BBQ Branding Iron

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, consider a BBQ branding iron. You can use them to “brand” your food as it cooks on the barbeque, adding a special touch to liven up all your barbecued food.

There are BBQ branding irons available for almost every US college including LSU, Texas A&M, Nebraska and Kentucky. In addition, you can brand in every letter from A to Z and special brands that indicate “rare”, “medium” and “well done”.

BBQ branding irons add a fun touch to any barbeque, whether at home or at a game. If you are cooking food for a home team match, you can get the satisfaction of serving up burgers with your “hidden” team logo to fans of the other team.

Stock branding irons can be ordered from many outlets that specialize in barbecue accessories at very reasonable prices. If you want something extra-special, consider a custom-made branding iron. You can get your own name or logo made into a BBQ branding iron. Although the cost is quite high, these custom made irons are perfect for people who do a lot of entertaining and for occasions like company picnics.

Each branding iron comes with an identifying handle. The handles can even be in custom colors that match the team or corporate colors. Handles are made of hardwood that protects your hands from the heat.

BBQ branding irons are the same kind of branding irons that are used for branding cattle. They can be used to brand any type of food from hamburgers, steaks, buns and vegetables. They can even be used to brand wood and leather items.

You guests will appreciate the extra touch of “personalized” food, and sports fans will eagerly gobble up food with their team’s logo on it. BBQ branding irons are also a great promotional item that can be used in fund raising drives.


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