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Smoker Barbeque

Some say that the only real barbeque is a smoker barbeque. Unlike gas or charcoal grills that cook the food over a high heat, a smoker barbecue cooks the food slowly over a low heat. Water is sometimes used to coat the food with smoky flavor and also to keep the food moist as it cooks.

There are two basic types of smokers – traditional large smokers that can hold a whole turkey or pig and smaller smokers that can be used as accessories to a standard charcoal or gas grill. The traditional smokers cook food over a long time – up to 15 hours for a pig! Smokers that are accessories to your standard grill cook food faster – they are used to smoke smaller portions of meat or vegetables.

Gas or charcoal barbeques produce a high heat – up to 400 or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They sear the outside of the food, giving us that great barbequed taste that everyone loves. Smokers, on the other hand, cook the food over a much lower heat – about 250 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that the food cooks much slower. Traditional smokers are perfect for large joints of meats while grills are better suited to small cuts like steaks or chicken legs.

A patio smoker that is used as an accessory to a gas or charcoal grill is basically used to add flavor to the food. These can be used enhance the flavor of fish or vegetables and can be used while cooking the main dish on the barbeque grill.

Gas or charcoal smokers make perfect accessories for a backyard BBQ. They can be used to cook extra dishes and can be used in conjunction with side burners to cook a complete meal on your patio or in your backyard. You can offer your guests the great taste of smoked food to make your cookout a resounding success!

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