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Weber Gas Grill

One of the biggest names in barbecues is Weber. They have been manufacturing barbecues since 1951, and have introduced several innovations that are now standard on barbecues from various manufacturers. Weber has been building gas barbecues since 1985, and continues to be one of the top brands of gas grills on the market today.

There are many different models of Weber gas grills to choose from. Their Summit series of gas grills are as functional as they are attractive. Suitable for cookouts serving up to 20 people, some at grills features stainless steel covers and cooking grates, and have special flavor as your buyers for coaxing the maximum amount of flavor out of all the food to cook on your Weber gas grill.

There are three styles of Summit Weber gas grills. The Summit Gold comes in both four and six burner models. The Summit Gold C4 has 700 square inches of cooking area with 44,000 BTUs. In addition, it has a 12,000 BTU side burner and an 8000 BTU dedicated smoker. This Weber gas grill will allow you to prepare a complete meal on your patio or terrace.

The Summit Gold D6 model has six burners with a total cooking area of 902 square inches. The burners are rated at 57,600 BTUs, and there is also a side burner, a smoker, and a rear mounted infrared rotisserie rated at 9600 BTUs.

The Summit series is also available in platinum and built-in styles, giving you complete flexibility in your choice of top-notch outdoor cooking.

Weber also has a series of Genesis gas grills which are a bit smaller than the Summit grills. Genesis gas grills are manufactured to high standards guaranteeing you years of grilling satisfaction. All Weber gas grills are backed with a 10 year warranty -- one of the most generous in the industry.

Thanks to the high standard of materials used in manufacturing Weber gas grills, you can expect them to last many years beyond the warranty expiration. If your grill ever need servicing, parts are easy to obtain through the Weber network of distributors.

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