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Specialty Solar Lights

Solar lights are very popular with homeowners. They are truly install and forget devices -- there is very little maintenance involved when you have solar lights installed. The first types of solar lights were used for lighting up garden paths and as accent lighting in yards. These days, there are specialty solar lights available for a wide variety of effects and uses.

Solar lights can be used for lighting up business signs street numbers. There are specialty address number lights which can be installed on the outside of your house to make it easy for people to find your house in the evening.

Solar lights can be combined with motion sensors to provide a bright spotlight whenever anybody approaches to your house. These can be great security devices as well as providing useful lightning for your guests when they visit.

Solar lights are available in all sorts of decorative styles for lighting up your yard or garden. Specialty lighting effects can be achieved by colored solar lights. Some of these lights even change color on their own.

If you have a swimming pool, you can buy floating solar lights for a very special effect in the evening. These lights are available in different colors. Leave them out in the sunlight during the day and in the evening throw them into the pool. Your guests will be amazed!

All these specialty lights need to adequate exposure to sunshine during the day. They contain rechargeable batteries which store the power collected by the solar panel. In order to be effective, they should receive they as much direct sunlight as possible.

If you wish to install solar lights in a shaded area, it is still possible by placing the solar collector on your roof or other sunny location. In this case, you have to run wires from the collector to the lights. This is a bit more complicated to install, but once done it can almost be forgotten about.

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