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Coleman Patio Heaters - Review

Coleman is a well-known company specializing in outdoor equipment for camping and leisure. They have almost every type of outdoor equipment you mentionable, and this could be expected they have a wide range of outdoor heaters to choose from.

Although most of their heaters are aimed at the camping crowd, they have a few models which are specifically designed for patio use. Every Coleman outdoor heater, no matter whether it's designed for camping or not, can easily be used on the patio or terrace.

If you are looking for a traditional umbrella style patio heater, the Coleman patio heater and light (model number 5040-761) is perfect for extending your patio season. Featuring a 40,000 BTU heater, this model provides a heating diameter of up to 20 feet -- perfect for groups of about eight people.

This model incorporates a light on the top of the unit making it ideal for evening use. It operates on a standard propane cylinder and has an electronic ignition for lighting the heater. Safety features include a cutoff valve if the heater is tilted, to prevent gas flow if the heater is tipped over.

Another model of Coleman patio heater which is suitable for backyard use is the BackHome® Patio Heater and Light with Accessory Table (Model No. 5040-781). This model has similar specifications to the Coleman Patio Heater and Light but has an additional 24 inch table which is made of high-strength steel and tempered glass. The table is capable of holding up to 60 pounds.

If you're limited in space, a compact Coleman camping feature may be the ideal solution for heating your patio. There are several models available using a variety of heat sources including charcoal, gas, and wood. Many of these heaters have the advantage of being designed for easy storage, meaning they take up very little space when they are not being used.

An ideal model for patio use is the RoadTrip® Fireplace Grill (Model No. 5065-705). Although designed primarily for camping, this heater is also a perfect heater for domestic patios or terraces. It can be used as both a heater and a grill, eliminating the need for a separate barbecue.

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