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Costco Patio Heater

Costco is great for buying just about any consumer product imaginable, and they don't fail in the patio heater

 department. There are several models of Costco patio heaters available which are suitable for patios and terraces of all sizes.

The most popular type of patio heater is the freestanding umbrella style heater. Costco has several models like this to choose from, including the Green Cast Aluminum patio heater (model number 618627). This heater uses propane as a fuel source and can hold a standard 20 pound propane tank in the base of the heater.

The heat output on the Costco Green Cast Aluminum patio heater is 48,000 BTUs, enough to provide heat in a 20 foot diameter circle. Using this heater is the ideal way to enjoy your patio or terrace in the early spring or late fall.

This Costco patio heater is made from durable cast aluminum which is erosion resistant and will last for years. The burner is constructed of stainless steel and has a safety shut off valve in case the heater is overturned. The efficient design of the burner ensures that the fuel is completely burned and reduces gas emission to the minimum.

This is a very attractive heater which will add to your outdoor patio decor. The base features a lattice design and the entire heater is finished in antique green. The heater features an electronic ignition switch and a heat control knob for precise control over the heat output.

Another model of Costco patio heater is the 304 stainless steel model. This has a sleek modern design which is suitable for almost any outdoor setting. It has a propane burner with a 48,000 BTU output and stands 93 inches high, for heating diameter of approximately 20 feet.

If you prefer a traditional style heater, the Costco fire pit (model number 485089) is worth taking a look at. This is an outdoor fireplace which is constructed of heavy-duty steel coated with a baked porcelain finish. The tripod stand offers maximum stability on any surface, and is the ideal heater for burning wood or charcoal.

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