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DCS Patio Heaters

DCS is a well-known company that specializes in gas cooking appliances. Their stoves and barbecues are often used in professional kitchens, and also enjoy a good reputation for residential use. DCS has recently introduced a line of patio heaters which draw on the company's skill and expertise in manufacturing gas appliances.

There are two models of DCS patio heaters -- the built-in heater, and the freestanding heater. The built-in patio heater (model number DCS-DRH-48N) is available for natural gas only and features a 58,000 BTU burner. It is constructed of weatherproof stainless steel and is designed to be easily installed under eaves or above doorframes. This heater is ideal for taking the chill off a cool fall evening whether you're entertaining or simply enjoying the fresh air.

DCS has experience and expertise in producing heaters for commercial applications like restaurants. That's why the DCS-DRH-48N is such a good choice for home use -- it has the same features and reliability that are found on the commercial products from DCS. Available in a stainless steel finish, this heater is as attractive as it is functional.

If you don't want a permanently installed heater, DCS also makes freestanding patio heaters (model number PHFS-DW). These portable heaters are on wheels, allowing you to move them anywhere on your patio or deck. The stainless steel burners unit 40,000 BTUs and provide a circle of heat approximately 20 feet in diameter. They come with a piezo electric ignition switch and an adjustable heat control.

Freestanding DCS patio heaters are available in either propane or natural gas models. The propane heaters come with a standard 20 pound propane tank which fits into the base of the heater. These units stand 94 inches tall and have a heat distributor which is 34 inches in diameter. They are constructed of durable stainless steel which can withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

DCS patio heaters are as reliable as they are good-looking. The heaters come with a full one-year guarantee as well as a five-year limited guarantee on stainless steel parts.

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