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Outdoor Patio, Garden and Deck Gas Heaters

Patio gas heaters are one of the greatest recent inventions. They allow us to enjoy our outdoor terrace or patio through a much longer season than previously. With a patio gas heater, you can entertain and relax outside well into the fall season and in the early spring.

Patio heaters have evolved to the point where they are very safe to use. Almost all models have safety cut off valves which will stop the flow of gas if the heater is turned over. This important safety feature reduces the fire hazard of patio heaters to a minimum.

That's not to say, however, that caution should not be observed when using a patio heater. Like all gas appliances, patio heaters must be used carefully to ensure the safety of your family and friends. First and foremost, they should be used with adequate ventilation -- patio heaters must always be used outside.

It is also important to provide adequate space between the heater and surrounding objects. The patio heater should be positioned so that it is away from flammable objects such as wood fences, awnings, or trees.

Most patio heaters use propane or natural gas as their fuel source. Both types of fuel provide plenty of heat in all kinds of weather. The styling of patio heaters is the same whether they use propane fuel or natural gas fuel, so pick the type of heater which uses fuel which is readily available in your area.

The efficiency of a patio heater is directly connected with the type of burner and the radiant heat distributor. Most heaters have an umbrella like awning at the top of the heater which distributes the heat. Depending on the weather and the temperature of the air, the radiant heat can be felt up to 10 feet away from the heater in all directions, providing a 20 foot diameter radiant heat circle.

SIf you have an outdoor patio or terrace, an outdoor heater is the ideal accessory for enjoying the fresh air during chilly weather.

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