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Kirkland Propane Patio Heater

Some of the most stylish propane patio heaters on the market today come from Kirkland Signature. They allow

 you to enjoy your patio or terrace beyond the regular summer season, while providing an elegant addition to your outdoor décor.

The Kirkland Signature stainless steel patio heater (model number 304) is a good example of the design features that go into Kirkland patio heaters. Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, this model has a convenient tray which can be used to hold drinks and snacks. The tray is fully removable for the convenience of you and your guests.

Like all Kirkland patio heaters, the 304 model has recessed wheels which make moving the heater easy and practical. Once in place, the wheels are hidden from view, giving the heater the appearance of a permanently installed unit.

Kirkland patio heaters are designed for convenience and safety. They have a built-in push and turn lighter and feature a safety shutoff device in case the heater is ever overturned. Kirkland heaters operate on propane and use standard 20 pound propane tanks.

The 304 model has a stainless steel burner with a maximum of 48,000 BTUs. The spun aluminum heat reflector provides a heating diameter of more than 20 feet which is suitable for groups of eight to 10 people. The diameter of the reflector is 35 inches and the total height of the heater is 93 inches. The 304 model weighs 93 pounds.

Like all Kirkland Signature products, Kirkland patio heaters are designed to give you years of dependable service. They are constructed of high-quality materials and the impeccable workmanship is evident by the solid feel and the close attention to detail. Kirkland Signature products are fully guaranteed for satisfaction and are designed to meet or exceed national standards.

You are sure to be pleased with a Kirkland patio heater. Not only do they look great, they are well constructed and designed for safety.

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