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Permanent Patio Heaters

Patio heaters allow you to enjoy your patio even when the weather turns a bit chilly. The popularity of portable patio heaters has been growing every year. They are quite convenient because they can be moved to any spot on your patio. If you have a smaller sized patio, however, or simply want one section of your patio to be heated, permanent patio heaters may be a better solution to your patio heating needs.

Permanent heaters can be installed on the ceiling or wall of your patio. Depending on their output, they can provide enough heat to keep six to eight people comfortably warm. If they are used in a sheltered section of your patio, their heating capacity can be even greater.

Permanent heaters can operate on either propane or electricity. When placed over a doorway, they have the added benefit of preventing cold air from entering the house.

Rather than installing a permanent heater on the wall or ceiling, you can also have a permanently installed canopy patio heater. These look at similar to portable patio heaters, but they are securely attached to your patio deck. The propane gas can be fed in from a remote location to reduce the space required by a 20 pound propane tank.

One of the big advantages of permanent heaters on your patio is the reduction in space required for storing the heater. Portable patio heaters should not be left outside especially during stormy weather because they may be blown over and be damaged. That means you need to find storage space in your garage or a corner of your patio.

Permanent heaters do not have this problem of storage and they are less bulky because they can be installed on the wall or the ceiling. The extra installation height can also be useful for distributing the heat over a greater area.

Permanent heaters for your patio may be a bit more expensive than portable patio heaters, but they are virtually maintenance free once they are installed. You never have to even think about them until the chilly weather starts. Then, simply turn the heater on and enjoy your patio!

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