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Portable Patio Heaters

Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting outside on your patio with a few good friends. When the weather turns chilly, however, it's harder to be comfortable when you are outdoors. Never fear -- with a few portable patio heaters you can extend your patio season well into the fall and early spring.

There are several styles of patio heater is available. Portable heaters include tabletop patio heaters and canopy style patio heaters. They operate on either propane or butane and provide an adjustable circle of heat.

Tabletop patio heaters are ideal for eating outside. They provide just enough heat to make everybody at the table comfortable, and the heat output can be adjusted to suit the weather.

Canopy style patio heaters provide a larger circle of heat then tabletop patio heaters and usually have a greater heating capacity. They are ideal for keeping a small group of people comfortable on a chilly evening.

The advantage of portable heaters is that you can move the heater to wherever it is needed. If you have a permanent seating arrangement on your patio, you could install permanent patio heaters or ceiling patio heaters. These require less maintenance than portable heaters but are a bit more expensive.

When buying a patio heater, look for a good-quality construction and safety features such as an automatic shutoff valve in case the heater tips over. Most modern heaters come with a piezo electric ignition switch for lighting the heater.

Tabletop patio heaters usually use a small canister of propane for fuel. The larger freestanding patio heaters often use a 20 pound propane tank which can be installed in the base of the heater. This adds stability to the heater and the propane is readily available in most locations.

In some areas, however, butane is more readily available than propane. Make sure you buy the proper type of heater -- you cannot use propane in a butane heater and vice versa.

If you love entertaining on your patio, you need a patio heater. Both you and your guests will appreciate the extra comfort that patio heaters provide.

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