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Sahara Big Burn Patio Heater

If you are looking for big heat output in a patio heater, the Sahara Big Burn patio heater fits the bill. It gives off an

 impressive 15 kW of heat and has a large distribution canopy to heat medium to large spaces. This burner uses charcoal as a fuel source, and has all the modern conveniences like a piezo electric switch for starting and a safety cut off valve in case the unit is ever tipped over.

The Sahara Big Burn patio heater is on wheels, so it can easily be moved around. The double wall insulated burner allows for maximum heat efficiency and the heat is controlled with a variable heat dial.

The Sahara also has many other models of patio heaters to choose from. In fact, they are the best choice for all your outdoor heating and cooking needs. Their heaters have several versatile features such as warmers and cooking plates, and are available in various sizes.

Sahara patio heaters use either charcoal or propane gas as their fuel source. Both types of burners featured convenient starting switches, so there is no difference in their ease of use. You can choose the type of burner according to the availability of fuel in your area.

Accessories that are available as some types of Sahara patio heaters include lights and foot warmers. Although it's nice to have an overhead heat source, if your feet are cold you can still be very uncomfortable. Sahara patio heaters with foot warmers are the ideal solution to this problem.

Why not combine a heater with a cooking grill? Sahara patio heater grill and hot plates feature four cooking surfaces allowing each of your guests to cook their own food to their preferences. Some models of Sahara cooking grills come with a surrounding table, making them the ideal entertainment centers for your outdoor terrace or patio.

These innovative ideas from Sahara are some of the reasons why Sahara patio heaters are so popular.

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