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Whalen Patio Heaters

When you are entertaining outdoors on chilly evenings, a patio heater can make the difference between a

pleasurable get-together that people are reluctant to leave, and an uncomfortable gathering that people can't wait to escape from. Some of the most popular types of patio heaters are pole heaters that disperse the heat over a fairly wide area. Whalen makes two types of patio heaters in this category.

Whalen patio heaters are designed to hold a 20 pound propane canister. They put out approximately 40000 BTU’s so that you and your guests will be comfortable even on the chilliest of evenings. You will appreciate the wide dispersal and even distribution of the heat produced by a Whalen patio heater.

The circle of heat extends approximately 20 feet from the center of the Whalen patio heater. This is sufficient for groups of up to eight people, and if you regularly entertain more than that, you could buy a couple of these heaters.

Whalen patio heaters are constructed of high-quality materials. The heat emitter is made from stainless steel and offers years of dependable service. The heat reflector is made from lightweight aluminum, an ideal material for even heat distribution. Other features that are common on all Whalen patio heaters include the “Single Twist” ignition system, quick connect valves, and safety cut off features in case of pilot light failure.

The Whalen Portable Fire Pole is available in two sizes. You can choose either a 28 inch or a 34 inch reflector depending on the size of the area you wish to heat. The Portable Fire Pole is available in three colors -- black, green, or white, so you are able to match the heater to your patio decor.

Whalen patio heaters are designed for sturdy installation on any patio or backyard deck. They can be used with tables which have center cut outs, or can be placed as freestanding units around the seating area. No matter how they're placed, Whalen patio heaters offer comfort and warmth throughout your patio season.

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