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Barbeque Grills

The popularity of grilled food is unsurpassed. It seems almost everyone loves the great taste

of barbequed food and the informal atmosphere of a backyard cookout. There are quite a few differences between various barbeque grills, so if you are in the market for one, here are some tips for deciding which one to buy.

There are two basic types of BBQ grill – gas and charcoal. Which one you choose is a personal decision. There are pro’s and con’s to both styles. Gas grills are popular because they are simple to operate – no need to mess with starting fluid or messy charcoal. On the other hand, many prefer the traditional method of cooking over hot coals.

Charcoal grills are less expensive but require more patience than gas BBQ grills. The charcoal must be ignited and then you must wait for the flames to die down and the coals to become hot. Gas grills are almost instantaneous – simply wait a few minutes after turning on the gas and you are ready to cook.

Gas barbeques also have more accessories available than charcoal grills. Many gas grills come with side burners for cooking sauces and side dishes while you are barbecuing the main dish. Other accessories include smokers, rotisseries and pan roasters.

Smokers are great for adding smoky flavor to your food. They use special smoking woods that are selected to enhance any food that is smoked. Smoker boxes can be used while you are cooking the main dish on the grill. They are great for fish and even vegetables.

When it comes to taste, both gas and charcoal barbeques give the same great flavor. Gas barbeques have ceramic briquettes or lava rock to hold the heat, so once they are fired up, they provide grilling heat identical to charcoal.

No matter which type of barbeque you choose, be sure to buy one that is well built and made from good quality steel. Many barbecues come with a warranty, and you can reasonably expect to get at least 10 years of grilling from a good grill.

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